Silver cup and spoon still life (wips and done)


A new still life appears! This one was a long slog to get through all that little detail in the snowflakes, but it was fun. I tried something new with blurring to try to get a sense of depth, but I don’t know how I feel about it. An unblurred finished version is at the end.silver_spoon_silver_cup_snowflakes_wip01 silver_spoon_silver_cup_snowflakes_wip02 silver_spoon_silver_cup_snowflakes_wip03 silver_spoon_silver_cup_snowflakes_wip04silver_spoon_silver_cup_snowflakes_done_not_blurredIt’s been a little quiet around here thanks to a sudden renewed interest in gaming. 🙂


Airika and Vince meet (sketch)

airika_vince_may_2015_sketch_1For like, the first time ever! Well, the first time in 9 years. She caught up in height 😛

You can tell this is when they first meet because Airika’s still got her dark real world makeup and her shirt tucked in from having come here straight from school. He’s got his DIY adventurer armor and cheapy sword.

I just noticed I never drew her backpack. 😀


Throwback Thursday: Lute and Flute Girl

tbt_lute_flute_girlJust a lute and flute girl by the name of Noeve (plus some other drawing bleeding through the page).

Past Me didn’t write a date on this, but I would date it around early 2003, because I was experiencing a massive creative output around that time and I hadn’t yet started art school so most of my art was pretty whimsical and whatever-I-felt-like. It’s hard to be certain, but I’m sure it’s not any newer than 2004 because by then I was digitizing everything like whoa.


2015 Mele’feren in the mountains (wips)


Mele’feren is basically a fortress surrounded by mountains on all sides, reachable only by navigating the icy ocean to its south. I’m not done with this one yet, but at this point I think I should break it up into a few posts. Here’s the first batch!

Airbrush ahoy…

From the blobs emerges… more blobs.

Starting to look like something now that I ditched the airbrush for my harder-edged square brush. 2015_meleferen_wip03

Render, render, render…2015_meleferen_wip04 2015_meleferen_wip05

It’s about ~2.5 hours in at this point. I think it needs some work on its sense of scale, but that can come in the next iterations.

Throwback Thursday: My trio of characters slaughter a box of inking pens

tbt_airika_vince_tren_ink_drawingContinuing last week’s topic of Using a Lot of Ink, here we have… exhibit B! I made this about 1 month into art school and I still think it’s one of the more competent pieces from that era. It’s got action, halfway decent anatomy for the time, and a sense of lighting. Woohoo!

Too bad about all the crazy sword positions. It took me a minute to realize that Vince wasn’t about to chop off Airika’s head with his right hand while her right arm was crossing his body – no, her right arm is behind her body in a strange little contortionist act. I wouldn’t trust her in a battle.