Out with the old

The first thing I’m doing to prep my work for my impending job search is to remove anything that isn’t my very best from my site. This is always a tough task – it’s like picking who’s going to be on your team in gym class, knowing very well that you’re about to upset someone who thought you were their best friend. Here is my ode to old work:

I’m sorry, painting I slaved on in 2005 until my wrist hurt and my eyes dried up, but you just don’t make the cut anymore. You were a good friend, through thick and thin. True, you were once my featured Deviation on DeviantArt, but as the years passed you’ve fallen to page 4 of my gallery, pushed back by mere practice pieces that somehow are better than you. I promise to always remember you. But times are tough, and I dread the thought of some future employer finding out how badly I used to draw noses. If it’s any consolation, I’m sure my mother would love you unconditionally and demand a print to hang in her house somewhere.


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