Ast 2009 Wip 04

Work’s been really busy: we’re coming up on a milestone date so there have been weekend hours and late nights. Oh well, Ast will be just as good, if not better, arriving in February! I finally gave up on the cloak she’s been wearing for the past 4 weeks, deciding it took away from the […]

Ast 2009 wip 02

I had to spend most of today doing stuff for my new job, but I found a couple hours to improve upon last week’s update. I’m trying to find a lighting scheme for it, and make some early decisions regarding coloring. My computer is threatening to die every time it opens this, hopefully it’ll hold […]

Ast 2009 wip 01

I began the sketch for my 5th annual Astrid painting. (Previous years can be found at ) It’s still loose and conceptual at this stage. I’m working on finding a color palette that works well for it as well as deciding what sort of “mood” I want it to have. I’m not quite satisfied […]


Grubs are one of my hobbies. They are my little “children” but I’m willing to share and sell new, custom made ones to interested adopters. 🙂 Here’s a test of Etsy’s “mini etsy” feature: Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things

End of break

Alas, break is almost over. This has been a pretty good vacation, despite being snowed in, being 2000 miles away from everyone I know at Christmas, having at least four flavors of Seattle-plague, being snapped at by a nasty JoAnn employee, being unable to walk for a day after slamming my foot into a wall, […]