No painting updates this week: I’ve spent the last 7 days nursing back to health my new betta fish, named Alpha.

Alpha joined the family Sunday and has displayed signs of nearly every betta illness in existence in the past week, prompting me to spend a lot of time treating him and buying, setting up, and moving him to a bigger tank. He is SO emo. He refuses food, he pouts in his “fortress of solitude” and he generally acts like a spoiled princess…

…until yesterday!! He finally ate for the first time last night, and today has displayed unprecedented amounts of perkiness. He usually likes to sulk about in a corner, but today he’s been active and excited. He even attempted to flare at various stimuli placed near his tank. There’s hope for Alpha, after all! YAY!

To celebrate Alpha joining our family I made a plush inspired by him! This is an all-new pattern and took some time to develop and work out. I’m extremely pleased with the results, though, and will be selling plush bettas alongside plush grubs from now on. 🙂

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