Moon wip 05

Inspiration has come roaring back! Wish I could say the same about my health, as I am still coughing as if trying to expel my lungs. I’m well enough to sit at my computer though, and that’s all that truly matters. Tonight, I reworked Tuxedo Kamen’s entire torso area, moved his arm back. The area between their torsos was really cluttered and this helped open it up and show off the rose better. It also added some more drama to his figure. I also brought in some more reds, as seen in the cloak underside, Moon’s bow and hair gem, and the rose (which was formerly black – I will miss the black, but the red really pops).

I should be able to finish this one tomorrow – I’m excited!! Tomorrow is the first day of a 3-day weekend. I hope to:
– PAINT like CRAZY and finish at least 2 paintings!
– Fire up the BBQ for some delicious MEATS
– Get lots of rest in between
– Clean up some of the mess I made while sick and slacking on housework
– Maybe play some games, if there’s any time left 😀

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