89 Days!

…and I didn’t waste a single second!  I’m selective about where I work and the projects I take on, but with the way the game industry is right now I knew it wouldn’t be long before I found an exciting opportunity to return to full time work.

I’ve never enjoyed a long break from work/school like this, though, so I was eager to make the most of it.

The last three months have been nothing short of fantastic in terms of personal development, home improvements, and my own business development.

To commemorate it, I’ve composed a list of my major accomplishments.

How I spent my 89 days (2 months, 28 days) of unemployment:
  • Repainted my computer room, turned it into a slick home office
  • Built a standing desk out of an IKEA surface, long table legs, and some shelf brackets
  • Finished my self-paced online Java programming class
  • Replaced the house’s main water line (an ill-timed emergency)
  • Replaced the house’s hot water tank (another ill-timed emergency)
  • Spent five days in Illinois seeing family and friends
  • Spent four days at Disney World!
  • Repainted the master bathroom (goodbye, awful purple :D)
  • Refinished my master bathroom vanity (goodbye, more awful purple :D)
  • Patched multiple holes in the kitchen ceiling left over from previous projects
  • Learned how to fearlessly wield a nail gun
  • Reattached baseboard trims throughout the house (left over from flooring project)
  • Finished all outstanding electrical work on the house
  • Repaired two toilets and upgraded one with dual flush
  • Learned modern HTML and CSS techniques, built several websites (blushplush.com, zudopod.com, majoh.com)
  • Sold three betta plush on Etsy
  • Built a lightbox “photography studio” for photographing my plush art
  • Photographed + posted my best plush on white backgrounds, which immediately resulted in more faves and sales on Etsy
  • Revamped BlushPlush’s branding, including website, DA, Etsy, promotional materials, and pack-ins
  • Learned enough WordPress and HTML to build my own WordPress theme (leveluphouse.com)
  • Learned enough php and JQuery to build a fake online shopping cart (plushgrubs.com)
  • Played a ton of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, The Sims 3, Skyrim, Portal 2, Marvel Avengers Alliance
  • Read several books and all those long Atlantic articles I wanted to read but didn’t have time for
  • Cleaned out my closet and went shopping
  • Installed an SSD for my PC’s Windows drive
  • Completed some digital paintings
  • Sewed a bunch of grubs and bettas
  • Sewed an Iron Man costume for Wy (it’s adorable)
  • Created a digitized inventory of everything we own, purchase prices, date purchased, etc and documented everything in a series of videos in case we ever have to prove anything to an insurance company
  • Cleaned up my garage, edited and organized most of our storage areas
  • Bought a new car (our 4 year streak as a one-car family has ended!)
  • Got an exciting new position as a Game Designer!

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