Feb 26 sketches

When I came upstairs to paint, I wasn’t really in the mood for working on Astrid ’13 any more so I made several toss-away sketches until something stuck.

Finally, inspiration struck and I made a crazy rainbow betta with Lisa Frank-esque eyes.  Somewhere out there, a My Little Pony just got its wings. Betta4_flat

Then I was poking around my own artwork on DeviantArt looking for more inspiration when I came across this old one:


I remember really struggling with this one in 2007 when I spent 2 hours on it (deliberately – 2 hours was the limit).   Even then, I felt like it wasn’t up to my usual standards.

So tonight I re-attempted it:


Ahh, that went much better.  And in less than an hour, too.  I’m continually fascinated by my own learning and growth as an artist.  I dunno if I’ll come back to this one, and I didn’t take any WIPs along the way, so this is all I got for it. 🙂

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