Job news!

Just a brief post to commemorate some good news: I’ve been hired as a game designer for Playdom, a Disney development studio in close by Bellevue, WA.

Those who know me well know it’s never “just a job” to me – it’s me giving my all to a single client.  Taking on a single client is riskier than the diversification that comes with freelance (case in point: being laid off with a quarter of my fellow colleagues by Glu Mobile a few months ago), but I want to be a part of the team that created Marvel Avenger’s Alliance, which I believe is one of the finest games currently available on Facebook.

I’m very excited about developing for Facebook, which is more similar to PC gaming than any platform I’ve developed for before (with the exception for the couple of PC games I shipped early in my career, of course).  I love the challenge and the marketplace associated with mobile, but PC gaming is my roots and my natural habitat is behind a keyboard.

I’m very excited to get to work.

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