Tren before & after workday wips

35 minutes before I have to leave for work?!  Spend it drawing, of course!

Tren wip 01:


90 minutes before I have to go to bed?!  Spend it painting!

Tren wip 02:


Tren wip 03:


Tren wip 03:


Tren wip 04:


Tren wip 05:Trinth_2013_wip06

Tren wip 06: Trinth_2013_wip07

The color palette was inspired by this random bit of awesome Tigra artwork I encountered while doing some research for work (seriously, my day job is that cool):

There’s some things that bug me about it but for less than 3 hours spent on it so far, I can’t complain.  More to come this weekend…

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