Trenth 2013 ~ Complete


Another ~2 hours and it’s done, woot!

I was much better about grabbing wips regularly on this one.


(See the previous post to view larger versions)

I’m really happy with how this turned out, but in many ways this was one of the simplest paintings I’ve attempted in a long time.  It lacks a background, character interaction, and hell, her eyes aren’t even open. 😉 Not including things that usually challenge me made it easy to just mega focus on what IS there.   I have to wonder if I can only put so much focus and effort into a piece, and if bigger pieces just spread it too thinly.

Some key contributors to this painting’s success:

  • Limited and clearly defined color palette chosen early in the painting’s life
  • Using an existing character design (my own, prolly ~10 years old now) saved me a lot of the usual iteration on getting a brand new character to look good.  I didn’t spend much time on decisions relating to costuming, hairstyle, face, etc.
  • Simple facial expression
  • Stupid easy background lol
  • I got the pose right in the sketch.  A million times this – having to change the pose 50% or 75% (or worse, 95%) of the way into the painting is expensive in terms of both time and mental energy.

8 years ago I made this artwork (same character) for a class assignment.  I like to look at old work: it’s a great way to see how much I’ve grown as an artist.


7 years ago, shortly before I graduated from my art college, an instructor told me I was “pretty good already” and “could mostly look forward to getting faster”.  I knew that was bullshit when I heard it, and I’m going to keep learning and keep growing so that in 8 years I can look at this painting I’m posting today and think “Wow, I’ve learned so much since then!”

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