Watch Me Paint: More Red Riding Hood Wips

Continuing from where I left off, here’s another 45 minutes of painting progress on Red Riding Hood. (Which I really want to call RELEASE THE HOUNDS!)

I shortened the canvas and changed her pose up a bit.  I also couldn’t resist the opportunity to add more color and depth to her face, so there’s some progress in her face as well.

The biggest change today, though, was the addition of darker and brighter colors throughout.

For good or bad, I tend to do most of my painting in the midtones and only add darks/brights once I realize what a muddy blur the painting is becoming. Today started off by darkening her hair and brightening her hood and the whites throughout the painting.



Face as we last saw it:


Face as it now looks:
red_riding_hood_face_dec_26The usual “face dilemma” is back: I paint the face up close, love it to bits, then zoom out to the size people are actually going to view this at and the details mush together and her face doesn’t look nearly as great.

30 more minutes spent touching things up all over the canvas:


Today’s epic painting music:

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