“As Lost as I Get” ~ Doctor Who painting #2 WIPS & Finished Art

Sometimes when I’m looking at other artists’ wips I’m amazed at how the sketch and each step that follows on the way to a completed painting looks like a completely logical and natural step from the previous. My paintings often take a more meandering path, which I’m going to share here as both an example of […]

Salmon run wip 02

More progress on “Salmon Run”! I worked on a few different paintings today, but most of my time went into “Salmon Run”, which I’m painting in Photoshop CS6. This is where we left off last time:   And here’s where I left off today:   This is the long, sometimes tedious stretch of a painting’s development. […]

Watch me paint: Red Riding Hood WIP 10

It’s been over week since I last worked on Red Riding Hood, but I’m pleased with my recent progress: New things: Better arm pose Basket Sword (NOW it feels like one of my artworks, lol) More progress on wolf positions (but I’m not sure they’re a complete improvement over the sketch, I think more work is needed […]

Proof that I paint the same face over and over…

Fun with Google’s face-recognition algorithm: I dumped my entire portfolio of art into Google+‘s photo upload. When it was done uploading, it identified similarities, lumped ’em together and asked me to tag people. LOL – at least I’m consistent!   On the bright side, there were some unique ones in the bunch: