9 years of my “Astrid” painting tradition

My new year / winter tradition is to paint a new picture of Astrid, a character of mine who wears big fluffy dresses and has big fluffy hair. She’s pretty fun to paint. Oh, and she has a pet dragon.
Annual Astrid painting: every year I paint the same girl going on new adventures!

This year’s will be #10. It’s pretty cool to think that I’ve managed to continue this tradition for a full decade (it began in 2005). Some years I see big jumps in my artistic growth – the goal, as always, is to set the bar high for the coming year!

See all of the Astrid paintings up close by clicking on the image above. I think my favorite is still 2011’s, where she’s trying to keep her magic moth out of her baby dragon’s mouth.

I’ll start Astrid 2014 pretty soon, so watch this space for all the exciting sketches and thrilling developments. 😉

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