Armada 2014 ~ Wips 01 and 02

Continuing right along in my “let’s repaint old stuff” kick, here’s my 2007 version of Armada:

Armada_2007Painting all those boats was both fun and time consuming. I spent easily 12+ hours on this, just picking at detail. But the lighting has always felt too stylized to really call this one of my best works.

Well, it’s been 7 years, let’s see if I’ve learned anything:


Needs more ships!

I’m digging it. I think I’ve gotten a better sense of perspective and lighting. This one’s pretty early in development, so things will change. For one, I think the ships are kinda hard to see now that I’m not staring at it at 300%.

It’s important to stop and look back sometimes and see how far you’ve grown as an artist. I think I’ll spend some time this weekend wrapping up these “paint it again” works. I still haven’t started Astrid 2014, but this has been a fantastic way to warm up.


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