Wind Valley Castle (wips and done)

Photoshop CS, about 3-4 hours (most of it spent nitpicking the castle architecture). The Wind Valley is difficult to get to and even more difficult to travel through, but an old castle with a mysterious magic pool is rumored to sit at the furthest end.  

Meet me on the stairs behind the market (wips and done)

I told you they would get to meet again. 😀 The sketch looked like crap here in this first wip, but it got the idea down. Next, I added some faint color to get a feel for the palette. I knew I wanted to do some kind of bright day light / dark shadow contrast […]

Waking the ghosts (done + wips)

Vince frees some of the ghosts trapped in the echo blade. Airika thinks a sword that leaks ghosts on command is totally metal, but Tren is completely wigged out by so many undead presences flooding into the world (like any good cleric school dropout should be). (I finished this like a week ago but I got really backlogged for […]

Old River Keep (wips and done)

It was just gonna be a 20 minute warmup, but then it took on a life of its own. Blocked in: The first buildings appear at left, plus some rendering throughout:Gave up on that bridge, I think it looks better now. Added a stone cairn thingy to the right.  Rendering, rendering, rendering: Above is the […]

Battle in the Boneyard (Astrid 2015) (wips and done)

Regular readers of this blog will recognize this scene as an abandoned attempt at Astrid 2014. I dusted it off and spiced it up a bit for 2015. Between The Cauldron and The Keep lies the Boneyard. Only crazy people try to fight their way through. Most groups just hire a wizard for a teleport. But […]