2015 Mele’feren in the mountains (wips)


Mele’feren is basically a fortress surrounded by mountains on all sides, reachable only by navigating the icy¬†ocean to its south. I’m not done with this one yet, but at this point I think I should break it up into a few posts. Here’s the first batch!

Airbrush ahoy…

From the blobs emerges… more blobs.

Starting to look like something now that I ditched the airbrush for my harder-edged square brush. 2015_meleferen_wip03

Render, render, render…2015_meleferen_wip04 2015_meleferen_wip05

It’s about ~2.5 hours in at this point. I think it needs some work on its sense of scale, but that can come in the next iterations.

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