The Stranger (wips and done)

His chat handle is The Stranger. For the last three months, he’s been messaging Loca Mocha, Lethal Lemon, and Nimble Melon, helping them find secure data connections and private places to meet. They’ve never met him, but Loca Mocha is about to come close. But is he just a sophisticated Org agent? (Is he even human?) This piece […]

Depart at dusk (wips and done)

Tren: We can’t go with them, but there’s nothing stopping us from following… We’ll depart at dusk. No big story behind this one, just Airika being her usual optimistic self and Tren making plans. This one was a lot of fun to paint, and the lighting and palette were challenging. The palette was inspired largely by […]

Where we fought the old witch (wips and done)

As promised, indulgent fantasy stuff is back! (Slowly – I caught a bad cold this week which is slowing me down these last few days!) I was eager to start a new scene painting after finishing all those still lifes last weekend. Rolling around my head was this idea that Vince and Airika might go adventuring […]

Metal cup and rattle still life, white lamp (done)

I’m so happy with how this one turned out! Here’s Jim’s metal baby rattle and cup again, this time in a more traditional lighting setup (one ordinary white bulb off to the left, and a couple of ambient white bulbs elsewhere in the room). I even saved some WIPs from this ~2.5 hour painting study. Previously:  […]

Metal cup and rattle still life, red and blue lamps (done)

This tiny metal cup and barbell were apparently Jim’s toys when he was a baby (which was in the 1980s, not the 1930s, so these outdated toys have always been rather fascinating to me – I was also a baby in the 80s and my toys were plastic and made by Fischer Price, lol) . At […]

Chompy still life #2 (blue and red lights)

Chompy #2 is done! This one has a blue spotlight to the left and a red lamp to the right in an otherwise darkened room (well, plus monitor light). Future Chompys will be from new angles, because why not? Having an articulated plastic skull pretty much requires mixing it up. I only wish the teeth were […]

Guildless characters (done)

It’s done! I started this one back in January (click for WIPs) but I sort of lost interest, maybe because artwork that tries to tell a story or capture a mood is so much more interesting to me now than plain old character sheets. Anyway, I felt kind of bad about not finishing it so I dusted it off […]

War of the gods (wips + done)

This is a gift piece featuring my friend Ben’s characters. This was tons of fun and largely outside my usual subject matter and palettes. Something that was great about working on this particular piece was that I had a clear vision from the start and didn’t rework it a half dozen times on the way to the […]

Lullaby’s Descent (wips and done)

I asked Jim what I should paint next. He said, “a spaceship!” For some reason, I really wanted this spaceship to be over an ocean, so I started with a blocked-in clump of ocean water and some clouds. I spent the next hour or so trying different shapes for the ship’s body until I settled on this […]