Guildless character designs (wips)

3 years after Airika and Vince are split up by the powers that be, they meet again by chance. Good thing I was there to draw what they wore to this momentous event! I really liked his face in the sketch but had a hard time carrying whatever it was I liked about it into the […]

Proof that I paint the same face over and over…

Fun with Google’s face-recognition algorithm: I dumped my entire portfolio of art into Google+‘s photo upload. When it was done uploading, it identified similarities, lumped ’em together and asked me to tag people. LOL – at least I’m consistent!   On the bright side, there were some unique ones in the bunch:


Red is one of my least favorite colors to paint with. I almost never use it. I think Mars was a bit of a challenge for that reason; I kept finding my paints shifting towards browns and purples instead. Overall, though, I’m really happy with how this one turned out. In the original sketch she […]

Mercury wip 01

Jim and I got into watching the live-action Sailor Moon series (look for “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon act 1” on Youtube if you’re curious) and long-story made short, I decided it would be pretty awesome to re-imagine the heroines of the show as darker, goth-ier versions. I’ve decided that Mercury would look rather cyber-goth.