Trinth’s School WIP 01

I finished (or at least am satisfied with 😀 ) my two most recent 3D models, so it’s time for something new! My first order of business is painting some environments. This is a college-level school yard I imagined for some fictional characters of mine. I’m about 6 hours into it and probably have t least another 6 to go. It’s refreshing to paint something so vast though, and I’d certainly like to improve at this sort of thing.

In other news, I applied to Torpex Games. They seem right up my alley – they’ve made a great, original game and that’s the sort of thing I would love a chance to work on. I haven’t heard back yet, but there’s lots of other places in Bellevue/Seattle to apply if they aren’t interested!

Cuda Zuri Updated

Well, she didn’t stay untouched for long! 😀 I posted her on DA and a couple of fellow artists critiqued a number of things, prompting me to change some things about her. I didn’t want to have to ditch the rig I worked for days on, so I stuck with changes that involved only texture edits. I’m still pretty happy with the model over all, and I learned a lot from working on it that I’ll apply to future models. I’ll keep everything they said in mind for the John Locke model I intend to work on in the coming weeks.

Astrid Wip 04

Huzzah for textures! She looks so much better than last time we saw her. Her hands are bugging me, and her face has some dents in it… but sleep first. 😀 Tomorrow’s the last day of my staycation, and I’ll be sad to see it go! It’s been an extremely productive time, as this blog can attest to. Alas… there’ll always be weekends.

Cuda Zuri Complete!

Here she is, all done! (For now, anyway. 😀 Is anything really, ever, completely done?) I had hoped to finish her up last night but a ferocious, tornado-spawning storm blew through and I spent the evening huddled around a radio in a closet-sized first floor-bathroom instead. Fortunately, the storm seems to have passed over my area with minimal damage.