Depart at dusk (wips and done)

Tren: We can’t go with them, but there’s nothing stopping us from following… We’ll depart at dusk. No big story behind this one, just Airika being her usual optimistic self and Tren making plans. This one was a lot of fun to paint, and the lighting and palette were challenging. The palette was inspired largely by […]

Where I met the old witch (wips and done)

After Vince is sent away by his guild leaders and Tren goes into a period of intense study with her old master, Airika is left on her own to get into trouble. Legend tells of an old high born necromancer, sealed away in an elven coffin and buried in the deepest marsh. But Airika doesn’t know that yet, she […]

Into the icy spider caves (wips + done)

Airika: I’m supposed to kill them? What if they’re friendly spiders?! Vince: They’re not friendly spiders. Rule #38: Spiders this big are not friendly. Tren: They are awful spiders. They eat puppies. Airika: Then maybe they’re an important part of the local ecosystem. What if the world would become overrun with puppies without these spiders? Vince: Then this cave would be full of puppies […]