Guildless characters (done)

It’s done! I started this one back in January (click for WIPs) but I sort of lost interest, maybe because artwork that tries to tell a story or capture a mood is so much more interesting to me now than plain old character sheets. Anyway, I felt kind of bad about not finishing it so I dusted it off […]

Waking the ghosts (done + wips)

Vince frees some of the ghosts trapped in the echo blade. Airika thinks a sword that leaks ghosts on command is totally metal, but Tren is completely wigged out by so many undead presences flooding into the world (like any good cleric school dropout should be). (I finished this like a week ago but I got really backlogged for […]

Guildless character designs (wips)

3 years after Airika and Vince are split up by the powers that be, they meet again by chance. Good thing I was there to draw what they wore to this momentous event! I really liked his face in the sketch but had a hard time carrying whatever it was I liked about it into the […]