Throwback Thursday: Old sketches from 2003

I started art school in October of 2003. For the first time in my life, my sketching hobby was legitimized. I basked in it and drew all the time (as if that was much different than what I did all through high school, and elementary school, and before). Honestly, some of these are so bad I cringe […]

Sunday sketches 2-15-2015

Thanks to Discount Chocolate Day (ie: February 15th) I have an unspeakable amount of chocolate in my system today. Today is awesome. Here is Lady Joz, another story character who I’m not sure has graced this blog yet. She is a powerful necromancer who has extended her own life well beyond its natural years by feeding […]

January 13th sketch dump

More Airika and Vince adventures, starting with the reveal of Ghost, his cursed sword that contains “echoes” of the people it has killed. Don’t let your skin touch it.  Later in the story. Airika touches Ghost with her bare hand. The sword binds itself to her as the sword’s victims fight for control over her, beginning one of the […]