Silver cup and spoon still life (wips and done)

A new still life appears! This one was a long slog to get through all that little detail in the snowflakes, but it was fun. I tried something new with blurring to try to get a sense of depth, but I don’t know how I feel about it. An unblurred finished version is at the end. It’s been […]

Bananas (done for real this time)

The background was bugging me, so I added a plate and redid it. So much better now, and the plate was a lot of fun to try to capture with limited time and brush strokes. ~30 mins for new plate and background. I left the naners themselves largely untouched. Work in progress steps: Bananas (wips […]

Bananas still life (wips and done)

Bananas! These bananas had no idea they would be immortalized in a still life when I picked them up off the stand at Safeway. To be honest, I had no idea either. 😛 They just looked like they’d be fun to paint so I moved them off my kitchen counter and onto my still life […]

Flashlight, clothespins, shark still life (wips and done)

And another one! April has been a great month for digital still life paintings. This one is pretty heavy on the red stuff, but that’s okay -I always love working with a limited palette. I think the big clothespin up front is my favorite. The shark is a rubber toy (alas, it does not squeak, but […]

Metal cup and rattle still life, daylight (done)

Positions unchanged since last time, but this one was painted in early morning daylight coming in from the window behind the scene. I used the previous nighttime version as a base, but corrected a lot of little perspective things (and could probably keep going – ARGH, CIRCLES lol). Painting in daylight means working fast and taking […]

April still life #1: little plushies! (wips and done)

New month, new still life practice! This one was all about soft little plush things! Honestly, I think this one’s is a little boring – they all had similarly soft textures (the Mantyke ball on right is kind of fuzzy, but the rest were smooth) and all of them were all about the same size, […]

Chompy still life #2 (blue and red lights)

Chompy #2 is done! This one has a blue spotlight to the left and a red lamp to the right in an otherwise darkened room (well, plus monitor light). Future Chompys will be from new angles, because why not? Having an articulated plastic skull pretty much requires mixing it up. I only wish the teeth were […]

Chompy still life #1 (spotlight to the left)

Chompy is a plastic skull I like to bust out around Halloween and put back into storage sometime around March. Chompy makes for a good still life subject! Since January’s still life series was so awesome, I’ve started a new one. This is #1 in the series. Photoshop CS, 3 hours or so

Dice, spool, ornament still life – blue lightbulb (#6)

  Phew! Finished just in time for my desk to get packed up. Compilation canvas and some final words coming soon… Previously: #5 – Red and green lamps #4 – CFL spotlight to the left #3 – Pink Christmas lights to the left #2 – Interior floor lamps #1 – Early winter afternoon daylight

Dice, spool, ornament still life – pink Christmas lights (#3)

Round 3! Here’s the same scene again, this time illuminated by an enormous wad of pink Christmas lights and a smaller wad of rainbow Christmas lights off to the left and below. They gave everything a pinkish cast. I’m really enjoying this series and am becoming a little obsessed with finding unique light bulbs and […]