2015 Mele’feren in the mountains (wips)

Mele’feren is basically a fortress surrounded by mountains on all sides, reachable only by navigating the icy ocean to its south. I’m not done with this one yet, but at this point I think I should break it up into a few posts. Here’s the first batch! Airbrush ahoy… From the blobs emerges… more blobs. Starting […]

Now there’s nothing (wips and done)

One of those rare paintings that went well from start to finish. 🙂 Airika: I just thought there was something more, you know? Tren: I’m sorry. I can beat him up if you like. Airika: No… that’s okay. There was something, and now there’s nothing. I’ll live.  

Guildless character designs (wips)

3 years after Airika and Vince are split up by the powers that be, they meet again by chance. Good thing I was there to draw what they wore to this momentous event! I really liked his face in the sketch but had a hard time carrying whatever it was I liked about it into the […]

Even the stars look brighter tonight (wips + done)

Nothing’s impossible. (this version by Kato Kino feat. Ayria is my favorite). Sketch: First color pass under sketch: Merge sketch into colors and paint on top of sketch on a single layer: Render render render render: Change his shirt to brown so they don’t look like they’re dressed in the same outfit lol: Complete: Airika: […]

Watch me paint: Red Riding Hood WIP 10

It’s been over week since I last worked on Red Riding Hood, but I’m pleased with my recent progress: New things: Better arm pose Basket Sword (NOW it feels like one of my artworks, lol) More progress on wolf positions (but I’m not sure they’re a complete improvement over the sketch, I think more work is needed […]